原题目:Merkel rarely reveals her heart: once insomnia due to the epidemic

According to a report from Agence France-Presse in Berlin on February 4, German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted on the 4th that she had suffered insomnia due to the new crown epidemic and made a "difficult choice" for a country eager to get rid of virus restrictions that lasted for months. And toss and turn.

In a rare TV interview, the 66-year-old Merkel also said that she is looking forward to the day when the hairdresser can resume business, even if she has to accept that the fact that her hair turns white is unchangeable.

She said in an interview with a reporter from the German RTL TV station: "I sometimes wake up at night and think about all the problems."





She said: "This is also a difficult time for me. Our decision needs to be clearly considered. I will consider things repeatedly before making a decision. It is difficult to stop."

The senior leader who usually avoids talking about personal feelings said that many people, including families, artists and *** all business owners, have experienced the suffering caused by the new crown epidemic, which has left a mark on their lives.

She said: "Time and time again, I have to make difficult decisions. I also want to announce some good news. But we can't give people false hope, so I always try to face reality."

When asked how the German hair salon has been closed since November last year and how she maintains her hair style, Merkel said that she was helped by an assistant, "Of course, we abide by all hygiene regulations."

According to reports, Merkel, who has been in power for more than 15 years and will step down this year, held talks with local German leaders on whether to extend or relax the current epidemic blockade measures.

Germany closed restaurants, hotels, and cultural and leisure centers in November last year. In December, schools and non-essential shops were added to the closed list.

The report pointed out that, as the most populous country in the European Union, so far, Germany has more than 2 million cases of new coronary pneumonia infection and about 60,000 deaths.

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